Reflections on Cambridge 2013

Our three Northumbrian pipes workshops were successful once more. We’re grateful to Eddie Barcan and the Cambridge Folk Festival for this annual opportunity to introduce the pipes to people, and raise the profile of the instrument and of Northumbrian music. About 80 people came to the first one, in the Flower Garden; about 30 young people to the Hub; and approximately 65 to the third, back in the Flower Garden. We played a range of tunes: Jimmy Allen, Herd on the Hill, Swindon, Proudlocks, Brafferton Village, Michael Turner’s Waltz, Peacock’s March. Our guest tutors this year, Nick Leeming and Richard Cooper, played some lovely solo tunes. The video below is Richard playing The Marquis of Waterford and Banks hornpipes.


Once again, the school pipes did their job, and gave people a chance to try the instrument for themselves. And once again we were impressed by the fact that everyone managed a few notes on the chanter, quite a few managed a full scale, and several got as far as a simple tune. We had lots of favourable comments, including one from a lovely man who said he’d been coming to our workshops for three years!


Richard teaching a workshop participant


Piping in the Flower Garden with the School Pipes


A festival-goer gets serious with the chanter


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