Pinewood Studios Ceilidh

Last Saturday we played a wedding ceilidh at Pinewood Studios, in Hetherden Hall, backdrop to a hundred movies and TV shows.

Greg and Hazel were guests at the wedding, along with their girls Josie and Eleanor, and Josie’s small daughter. Lovely to see them again, and Eleanor joined us on whistle for a nostalgic rendering of Swindon and Proudlocks, the Northumbrian pipe set from our previous CD.
Greg did a great job corralling the mildly tipsy crowd into the Virginia Reel; and he was sufficiently cheerful himself to resurrect his oldest calling joke – “Swing your partners round – or any other part of their anatomy that takes your fancy!”

The bride’s father was Scottish, so we pulled out our best Scottish dances and tunes. Greg’s announcement that his version of the Eightsome Reel is one he learned in Shetland always causes a slight frisson of alarm ….

What could be better? Northumbrian tunes, Scottish reels, good food and company, historic surroundings, and a rapid strike of the PA while the disco started up …



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2 Responses to Pinewood Studios Ceilidh

  1. Willie Weir says:

    You can’t beat a good Eightsome Reel!
    All the best

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