One of our delightful regular gigs – our fifteenth here, in fact. We’ve seen a whole generation grow up as kids too young to dance, kids old enough to do simple dances on space-hoppers (specially choreographed by Greg), teenagers happy to dance, then off to lives beyond this lovely circular close in north Cambridge, where we’d all secretly like to live ….

Greg started with the space-hopper dance, improvising wildly to Grandad’s polka. The weather for the summer solstice was brilliant, and the Victoria Park crowd had clearly had a good day, but had saved up some energy for Lucky 7s, the Cumberland Square 8, the Waves of Tory, and so on. Andrew managed almost all the verses of the Blaydon Races in the dance of that name, such was the staying power of the Victoria Parkers. Here they are dancing the Three Sea Captains, a dance we don’t risk all that often:

Victoria park 1

And here’s Greg calling it, with his customary panache!

Victoria Park 2

All in all a very jolly affair – and a new booking from a satisfied couple, along with a CD sale! We should note our deep gratitude for the Newmarket Musk sausages in the interval, too. Much appreciated. Hope to see you all for Victoria Park 2015!



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