Good to return to Harston Village Hall after many years – scene of the legendary Ted Stacey’s memorial gig a long time ago.
As usual, the wedding was running late so we played Northumbrian tunes outside after we’d set up the PA. Most enjoyable.
The bride and groom had requested an Orcadian strip-the-willow. Here’s Greg in commanding form calling it.


The audience were characteristically merry, which was only to be expected. Oddly the dancing improved as the worse for wear took a break! Here they are in the Cumberland Square Eight.


We wound up with the Drops of Brandy and headed home, the taste of the excellent barbecue lingering on our lips, and the faint memory of Ted Stacey’s ashes gently vibrating on top of one of the speakers long ago in (at least one of) our minds.


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2 Responses to WEDDING AT HARSTON – JULY 2015

  1. Plum says:

    I remember the Ashes on the speaker well with His photo on the box.

  2. Andrew Burn says:

    We do too. RIP Ted.

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