This ceilidh was a blast! We were a bit anxious that the bride, Jelena, had requested a Serbian dance, but luckily her relatives and friends took care of it while we played something as close to the Balkans as we could manage.

It was a tight fit in the hotel ballroom, but brilliant acoustic, and we all agreed that we played pretty well (though we say it ourselves). The guests danced furiously but elegantly, and we were up for some dances we hadn’t done for a while: The Captain’s Favourite hornpipe, called by Greg, and the Morpeth Rant, called by Andrew, who managed to demo the rant step up and down the set without getting too breathless to explain the rest of the dance.

As well as the Serbian guests, there were a few kilts in evidence, so we did The Dashing White Sergeant too, for which we play The Dashing White Sergeant, of course, followed by The Kitchen Girl, a great Irish reel.

Even the food was good – Thai green curry or beef stroganoff. It was one of those ceilidhs where we remembered why we’d enjoyed it for so long …

Here’s Greg calling and Andrew playing.

Photographs by Ed Thompson

Photographs by Ed Thompson


And here are the dancers in full flight. We’re very grateful to Ed Thompson, the wedding photographer, for taking these and more. Check out his website at

And we wish Geraint and Jelena a long and happy married life!


Photographs by Ed Thompson

Photographs by Ed Thompson


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