Ok, it’s not called New Hall now, but we can’t remember the name of the benefactor it’s been renamed after …

Anyway, interesting modern art and architecture. Greg and Andrew spent some time while the speeches finished looking at ceramics in the main corridor, failing to find the name of the artist on the touchscreen guide, and failing equally to remember the name of Grayson Perry, who may or may not have been the artist in question ….

Greg kicked off as usual with the Virginia Reel. Here’s the good looking married couple taking hands in the walk through.

The acoustic was better than we expected from the domed ceiling, and the dancing was never less than enthusiastic. The buffet boasted mini-beefburgers. We ended with the Drops of Brandy, Greg calling again.

In fact it was something of a triumph for Greg, who was very chuffed at having repaired the catches on the microphone box. Here it is, as good as new after 40 years’ service, with the ghost of the Cobbler’s Last sticker just visible …


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