It’s always good to return to one of our longest-standing gigs, the Victoria Park summer street party. The weather was lovely this year, the barbecue delicious, and the community in proper party mood, including the oldest member, still perky the day after his 92nd birthday.

Greg tackled the traditional challenge of the space hoppers straight off as they were clearly keen, they valiantly bounced in and out, round and round and up and down to the Hogmanay and Woodcutter’s jigs. Greg awarded a prize for the highest hop this year (one of our CDs), though a perspicacious younger participant pointed out that having the biggest space hopper played a part …

We then moved into the more conventional repertoire. Here they are tackling the Dashing White Sergeant.

We should add a word of admiration for local duo Jed and Elizabeth, who performed their really impressive songs before the ceilidh started. Thanks as ever to the barbecue chefs and the whole Victoria park gang for their spirit, plucky dancing and hospitality. Mind you, Andrew did get a bit of critique of the authenticity of his Blaydon Races! Still, we got to play a pipe set – Swindon and Proudlocks – with the whole band. 

And later, it’s always nice to get a few words of appreciation from the organisers. Here’s a message from Zoe:

“Once again your band was the highlight of our Victoria Park annual party. Many thanks for your considerable talents.”


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