To book us for a ceilidh, barn dance, party or other event, contact Hazel Smith on 01223 860752, or e-mail

We bring our own PA: we’ll need to arrive an hour before the event to set up and sound-check. Our equipment is PAT-tested and we have full public liability insurance. This page gives an idea of what we do. See the Advice page for ideas about running a successful ceilidh.


We usually play two sets of about 90 minutes, with a break in between. We get people up, explain the dances, and call them during the dance to keep people going. Here’s a typical dance set to give an idea of what we sound like live, accompanied by pictures of the band through the years, which may give you a sense of what the event looks like, and provide innocent amusement for our friends and relatives! The tunes are The Redheugh Library Jig and Trip to Carlisle.

And here’s another tune set on Soundcloud: The Three-Day Week and Alan Burn’s Memorial Jig, which we play for dances like The Bridge of Athlone.

And here’s the music if anyone would like to try the tunes (click to get the full sheet).

3-day week graphic

In between dances we play tunes and songs for you to listen to (see the recordings page for examples).

Here’s a list of the dances we often use, though we’re adaptable – we might play more Scottish dances and tunes for a Burns’ Night, for example; and Greg has even invented a special dance for children on space hoppers!


The Virginia Reel

Trip to the Village

Lucky Sevens

The Sweets of May

The Cumberland Square Eight

The Morpeth Rant

Margaret’s Waltz

The Dashing White Sergeant

The Bridge of Athlone

The Waves of Tory

The Willow Tree

The Belfast Duck

The Blaydon Races

The Drops of Brandy (Strip the Willow)


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    Great website. The notes on how to run a ceilidh are very helpful.

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